VCT Stripping and Waxing In Buffalo – Extreme Carpet and Tile Cleaning Buffalo

As durable as vinyl composition tile (VCT) floors can be, they need ongoing maintenance to stay that way. Otherwise, unwashed vinyl starts losing its shine, becomes susceptible to scratches, develops a wax buildup, and begins to yellow and become discolored. Not to mention, then it starts to attract excessive dirt.

At Extreme Carpet & Tile Clean, we can strip, seal, and wax your VCT floor to restore its original beauty. We can also offer regular maintenance services, such as re-coating, periodic scrubbing, and regular high-speed buffing.

We work with residents and business owners throughout Buffalo, NY and now Rochester, NY.

Our Strip and Wax Process

Our three-step strip-and-wax process ensures your floor stays attractive for years:

  • Strip the floor: To start, we remove any buildup in addition to the top wax coating. This gets rid of the surface dirt and grime. The floors underneath are now bare.
  • Apply a sealant: We can't leave the floors bare, of course, so we use a high-quality sealer to protect it. After, we buff the surface to start giving it the shine you've come to expect. The sealant also protects the ground from scratches, abrasions, marks, and general wear and tear.
  • Finish with wax: Finally, we finish with a wax that protects the sealant and richly glows. We rely on industrial-grade wax which offers the best protection for high-traffic areas.

Hiring an expert to strip and wax your floor vastly improves the way it looks. First impressions mean a lot, whether you're inviting new friends to the home or you are open for business to the general public. Nobody wants to see a dirty floor when they travel somewhere.

When to Strip and Wax

There are generally two scenarios in which you'd need to strip your vinyl tiles.

The first time you install VCT flooring, you need to strip it to prepare it for the wax sealant. Otherwise, your floor will need periodic stripping and waxing as it loses its shine. Over the days and weeks, grime and debris start to add up and resist common household cleaning chemicals.

When we establish a maintenance schedule at Extreme Carpet & Tile Clean, we consider several factors, such as the fact that wax ages over time. If you don't buff your floors every day, we will generally have to strip and re-wax them every six to nine months. Floors with daily buffing treatment usually undergo annual maintenance.

In other words, if you don't maintain your VCT flooring correctly, it will start to chip and take damage, breaking away from the sub-flooring. If it sounds like a costly problem, that's because it is; it costs much more to fix a broken floor than it does to strip and wax every few months.

Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY residents can call us at 716-791-5756 today to schedule a free consultation or quote for VCT stripping and waxing. We'll help you determine your maintenance needs.